2020 Vision exhibition

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I took part in 2020 Vision exhibition: 100% design 20 years. Photo credit – Barbara Chandler

Elle Decoration

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”I believe in the work of these men and women’, proclaimed interior designer Christopher Neville, last year when he curated an exhibition of18 young designers in Tokyo. Designers from the ‘West’ show: carpet supremo Annette Nix inserted a leafy plus sign and an aquarium minus into rich red wool carpet’.

Lulu at a meeting!

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Lulu going to a meeting to discuss rugs!

New website live

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Welcome to the new home of www.annettenix.com Feel free to browse through my products, taking a look at the custom rugs and paintings I have made for commercial & residential customers, as well as art projects.

Elle Decoration

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Edited by Rebecca Tanqueray and Jane Withers ‘Designer annette Nix, has turned her attentions to the floor, creating rugs that are more elemental art than carpets. Incorporating unusual materials, such as chainmail, pebbles and pools of water in her work, Nix turns her rugs into symbols of issues which concern her. The most recent is […]

The Times Magazine

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Contemporary designers are using ancient skills to redefine the rug as an artwork. Neither shape nor materials are constraints for avant-garde designer Annette Nix ‘s installation rugs, which bridge the gap between conceptual art and design. She says that a rug with decorative curves can soften a linear, angular room. Many of her “big statement” […]

Perspectives on architecture

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‘Hoovering demands a new level of skill for the owner of this dramatic rug by Annette Nix. Although recessed in pile, the pebbles are real enough as are the sunflower heads floating in a mirrored dish of water. Hand-tufted in pure wool, the rugs are described by Nix as “conceptual”. They would certainly add wit […]

The Times Magazine

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‘If you want to get your feet wet with a decorative water feature for your home, commission a “Living Rug” from artist Annette Nix. Her luxurious long pile carpets include shallow troughs of water in which you can keep a goldfish, or float flowers and candles -a watery oasis suitable for the floor of anyone’s […]